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Testimonial: Njhakanjhaka Tribal Authority "We as the Tribal Authority of the Elim community are please to collaborate with Tikvha Foundation in empowering and enhancing the wellbeing of community members more especially the vulnerable".

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Testimonial: Vulnerable Children in Elim Community "Thank you for giving us food and clothes. We are happy"
Violet Sebacha & Gramar Mangezi (widows)Violet Sebacha & Gramar Mangezi (widows)

"We are grateful for what you've done! Your organisation looks after the poor and needy, please continue doing the good work...this is God's work you're doing. May the Lord bless you"

Testimonial: ZZ2 Staff Members "We are highly appreciative to be sponsors of Tikvha Foundation because it delivers what it has promised. Indeed you are passionate about the work you're doing of bringing hope to the less privileged".

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Our Vision

To be a leading organisation that can improve the socio-economic wellbeing of youth in rural households with special focus on Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and widows within Vhembe District.

Our Mission

To care and support OVC and widows through programs that can enhance their wellbeing (that is, health, education and employment) in order to ensure they are not isolated but live a poverty-free life similar to other privileged South African citizens.

Our Programs

1..Food Parcels, Clothing and Sanitary Towels Distribution

. 2..Awareness Campaigns

3..Skills Development and Employment Placements

4..Community Centre

1.1.Food Parcels, Clothing and Sanitary Towels Distribution

This program was motivated by the fact that local communities within Vhembe District are experiencing socio-ills such as hunger, high ..Read More

2.1. Awareness Campaigns

We conduct and render awareness campaigns in the local communities through media and public speaking against the abuse of children and the negligence of the OVC.

3.1.Skills Development and Employment Placements

We identify skills development, learnership, scholarship and job opportunities for the youth in general and beneficiaries of Tikvha Foundation.

4.1.Community Centre

Based on the observations done by the Tikvha Foundation team, most of the households within Vhembe District are child headed, lack guardianship and mentoring. As a result, Tikvha Foundation Read More

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Tikvha extends help to Macuvedze orphans

Byadmin Oct 31, 2017

Tikvha extends help to Macuvedze orphans

The ability of community journalism to reach good hearts was proven once again when a philanthropist foundation extended a helping hand to th